Today is day #30 without a sip of alcohol.  Some things I’ve consciously noticed:


  • I’m projecting, but I feel like I may be experienced as ‘boring’.
  • I feel a little lonely.
  • I dread upcoming social situations as I’ve yet to confront my decision with my closest friends. I’m not feeling completely prepared…yet.


  • I feel great physically, mentally and spiritually.
  • There have been no bouts of depression.
  • I’m way more productive; e.g., work, projects around the house, etc.
  • My confidence levels have been up, and consistent.
  • I’ve been more present, especially with my family.
  • The one friend (besides my wife, brother and dad) that I have opened to has been extremely supportive.
  • This decision has brought my brother and dad closer to me. We’re all talking and acknowledging this challenge.
  • I have not craved the taste, or the feeling of being drunk. Not once.
  • I feel more social. I’m more open to striking up conversations with others.
  • I’ve taken a few more risks (positive risks – tied to confidence).
  • My mornings are the best.
  • My levels of curiosity are off the charts. Can’t seem to read enough.
  • I’ve been inspired to adjust some additional parts of my diet.
  • I’m more driven than ever.
  • I’ve been a better human being.
  • I’m excited for what’s possible.

Overall assessment:  Winning!